E. coli and M. pneumoniae protein sequences

Rolf Apweiler apweiler at saturn.ebi.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 07:39:46 EST 1997

We got some request for the protein sequences of the complete genomes of 
E. coli and M. pneumoniae. So we created preliminary TREMBL entries of all 
CDS in the complete E. coli and M. pneumoniae genomes (EMBL/DDBJ/Genbank 
AC numbers for E.coli AE000111-510 and AE000001-63 for M. pneumoniae). 

We made them publicly available on the EBI FTP server:     

Please note that these are no official TREMBL entries! Most of these 
preliminary entries are redundant against corresponding SWISS-PROT + TREMBL 
entries. In two weeks the next TREMBL release will be publicly available, 
and the E. coli and M. pneumoniae entries will be integrated in the release 
(except the redundant entries which will be eliminated).

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