Help someone with A.I.D.S

Eric Wilhem investnet at SECURNET.MONTREALNET.NET
Sat Apr 11 14:44:04 EST 1998

Dear Investor,

Help someone living with A.I.D.S

Invest as little as $1.00 USD to Start our own Bank in Panama.

Panamanian Offshore Banks require as liittle as $1 000 000.00 USD in paid in capital to
qualify for Bank registration.

Your $1.00 investment or more can lead you to an unlimited return.

Once our Bank is registered, a prospectus will be drawn up including all the necessary 
documents required by the Securities Commission of Panama and we will apply for public status
otherwise known as an IPO.

An IPO is an initial public offering, which allows you to trade your stock freely between shareholders and the public.

Our Bank will concentrate on the usage of the internet to reduce overhead as well has have 
the upmost personal touch for commercial, personal and private banking.

Our sevice charges, which will be few, will be unbeatable. You don't have to maintain a fixed minimum balance, no costly wire transfer fees.  No balance inquiry ATM fees and no withdrawal fees. Check fees will be low as well as many other fees, if any.

We also will select a group of charities in which 5-8 % of our profits will go to, if you have a charity in mind please e-mail the charitys home page url or send documentation by mail to the address below.

Debit card facilities as well as checking accounts will be available for quick easy access to clients cashflow.

Panama has also been infamous for their banking secrecy, they have 116 different banks and are 
subjected to strict secrecy laws, so for whatever reason you might have for keeping your assets confidential, banking in Panama can definitely cater to your needs.

To invest as little as one dollar without furthering any other costs.  Write your nameas well as both your home and e-mail address and a contact telephone number on a blank piece of paper and fold it and put $1.00 USD between the folds, so no one can see the contents through the envelope.

As soon as we get your correspondance we will e-mail our contract for your review.

You can also write a check for amounts of $10.00 - $100.00 USD.

Money orders or bank drafts are required for amounts over $100.00 USD

You may also send all of the above in the equivalent popular foreign currencys.

Please send to the address below and a contract will be e-mailed to you when the funds have been cleared in the case of cash, money orders or bank drafts the contract will go out immediately. Allow 2-3 weeks for personal checks.

For large investments we can arrange for an interest bearing vehicle while we are completing
the investment.

In the event the objective to bring together $1 000 000.00 USD for the investment project,
or our attempt to register a Bank in Panama fails, as is stated in the contract your funds will be totally refunded and you will be frequently notified of the status of the investment via e-mail.

We also specialize in offshore banking and private trusts, please feel free to e-mail your requirements.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Eric Wilhem

116 West Service Road #130
Champlain, Ny

Tel: (514) 289-1993

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