EMBL 57 begins

Peter Stoehr stoehr at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Dec 8 08:42:41 EST 1998

We are beginning the process of building release 57 of the EMBL Nucleotide
Sequence Database.

Daily updates:
 For those who work with daily updates from the EBI ftp server, the last
 update file for release 56 will be available today and named:
 The following update file will contain post-release 57 data and be  named:
 ftp.ebi.ac.uk:pub/databases/embl/new/r57u001.dat.Z as usual

Cumulative update file:
 The cumulative update file in
 will continue to grow with new data until release 57 is built and is
 publicly available - we expect that to be around December 25th.

Peter Stoehr

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