[ANNOUNCE] RHdb release 14.0

Patricia Rodriguez-Tome tome at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Sep 7 10:53:04 EST 1998

RHdb release 914.0 is available from 


It encompasses 13 panels, 132 experimental conditions and 85794 RH entries 
(67817 different STS) for 3 species.

This release has been cleaned of duplicates entries.

 As usual, incremental updates can be found in rh_species_new_1.dat,
 rh_species_new_2.dat, ...

A file rh.dat is the concatenation of rh data for all species. It will also
contain all the data from rh*_new.dat  Species specific data files (like
rh_rat.dat) are only built at release time.

If you have any questions or notice anything wrong, please contact us at 
	rhdb at ebi.ac.uk

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