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Hollywood Productions, Inc. (NASDAQ Symbol : FILM)

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS Hollywood Productions Inc., is a diverse company. They make 
movies. They also manufacture swim wear and sell toys at retail. Hollywood 
Productions Inc. is the parent company to one company and an affiliate to another. 
Hollywood Productions Inc. subsidiary Breaking Waves Inc. manufactures children's 
swimwear. Play Co Toys, Hollywood Productions, Inc.'s affiliate sells toys. 

Hollywood Productions Inc. makes high quality, low budget, independent movies. 
They finance or co-finance, produce or co-produce movies in the one to three 
million dollars range. They also oversee the marketing and distribution of these 
pictures. Two of their most notable pictures are Dirty Laundry and Machiavelli 

BREAKING WAVES, INC Breaking Waves Inc. is a company that manufactures swimwear 
for children and toddlers. Some of their major clients are Marshalls, Dillards, 
Sears and Target. They have over 200 different styles of swimwear. They have a 
showroom in New York as well as a road sales force. They are currently using the 
Internet as well to market their products. That way their customers can view the 
products and purchase the products at their convenience. 

PLAY CO TOYS & ENTERTAINMENT CORP Play Co. Toys and entertainment is a retail toy 
store chain. They have 25 retail outlets and plan to open atleast eight more this 
year. They also do business over the Internet. They specialize in offering a 
unique blend of educational, specialty, collectible and traditional toys. They set 
up areas inside their stores where children can take toys and play with them. They 
also offer imported and upscale toys. 

Hollywood Productions Inc. the complete company (including Play Co. and Breaking 
Waves) is growing at an rapid rate. In March Play Co.'s reported sales for the 
month of February this year vs. last year were up 40.7%. Hollywood Production 
Inc.'s net income figures were also very strong. For the three month period ending 
December 31, 1998, their profit per share was 16 cents compared to 11 cents for 
1997. In the quarter ending December 31, 1998 Hollywood Productions Inc. reported 
an increase in net income of 104%. Their sales at Play Co. rose 52.9% from 1997 to 
1998. Over the nine month sales period ending on December 31, 1998 Play Co 
generated 1,008,143 in profit. Last year during the same period, they lost 

Hollywood Production Inc.'s and it's subsidiaries and affiliates sales growth is 
impressive. They are a strong company that is continuing to grow. They are a 
company making the right moves at the right times. They are using retail expansion 
as well as the Internet to grow their business. Using both methods of expansion 
will allow Hollywood Productions Inc. to reach the most customers. This is the 
correct way to do it. The Internet is growing at an rapid rate. It appears that 
future businesses will only be successful if they use the Internet. However, 
depending too much on the Internet puts too many eggs in one basket. Retail 
expansion gives a company the personal exposure it needs to begin with so it's 
customers can then come to their website and see their entire catalogue. 

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