Question on Fish Fingerprint

Lee silkwood at cyberway.com.sg
Sun Apr 18 02:28:57 EST 1999

I tried approaching my tutor but she is now on urgent leave for a few
days and even if she is free, she will be overwhelmed by
over-enthusiastic psychotic grade-conscious students who pester her.

So Here goes;
1) Suggest some applications of genetic fingerprinting in determining the
pedigree of thoroughbred mares and distinguishing fish species.

My question is this:
Is the probe used for probing the the mares and fish the same as that of
the humans tamdem repeats probe?

I've read that for fish(Arowana), they usually use dot blot hybridisation
with a probe that is rich in GC repeats. Is it correct? How about mares?
How about restriction digestion of the DNA? Any differences from humans?

Do you have any more info on the above topics?

silkwood at cyberway.com.sg

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