Database release notification service available ?

Dr Thon de Boer tdeboer at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 27 06:28:27 EST 1999


I am responsible for the maintainance of several databases at our site
and was wondering if there is a notification service available for the
release of a database.
Preferably this would know about most molbio databases and would send me
an email or other notification when there was a new release of the
Even more prefeably this would be in a standard format so it could
easily be parsed by a program so it can be used in an automated

Does anyone know of such a service ? If not....Would there be an
interest for such a service ?

With many new databases springing up almost every day, it is difficult
to keep track of all the databases and their releases.....

Sincerely, Thon de Boer

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