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atyemnew tiy92 at VMS.RHBNC.AC.UK
Fri Aug 6 10:59:33 EST 1999

Internet E-commerce companies are hot!!
XtremeMagic, an internet retailer specializing in the top "40" music, video
and DVD titles is currently seeking savvy investors.

The company is structured as an LLC and is only accepting QUALIFIED
individuals with a minimum of $10,000.00 USD.  The XtremeMagic LLC
has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Public Company,
which proposes a merger and an exchange of LLC units for "free trading
stock".  LLC members will be voting on this important and exciting issue.
Members could receive as much as 10,000 shares of stock in the Public
Company in the next 30 to 60 days, when LLC members vote to approve
the merger.

XtremeMagic believes it can beat the competition by utilizing automation,
streamlining free shipping and delivery and offering for sale only the top
"40" music, video and DVD titles at $2.00 below the nearest competitor.
By keeping staff and overhead to the bare minimum the Company should
be extremely profitable.  Similar internet companies have seen record highs
in their share price in recent trading.  Investors have experienced windfall
returns of as much as 1000% to 2000%, by getting in early,

If you are looking for an Internet E-Commerce Company poised to merge
with a publicly traded NASDAQ company and you have a minimum of 
$10,000.00 USD, and can make a decision within 3-5 days after 
reviewing the brochure and business plan.  This may be for you!

-Please Note_
Due to the overwhelming response we receive and the time limitations on
this offering, respondents MUST
meet the following requirements.
1.   Potential investors must be liquid for $10,000 U.S.D.
2.   Investors must be capable of making a decision within 3-5 days.
3.   Potential investors must be sophisticated or accredited,

Please Fax to the number below
your Name, Phone Number, Best Time to Call and indicate
your timezone.  A company representative will review your request
and promptly respond.

FAX to:  248-692-0746


This is not an offer or a solicitation of an offer for a security.  An
offer can only be made by the prospectus and authorized personnel of the
Company.  This offer is void in the following States:  Alabama, Idaho, 
Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, 
South Dakota, Wisconsin, Virginia and any other State or jurisdiction that
prohibits the offer or sale of private securities.  This offer has not been 
approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Neither has 
any State or local authority passed on the offer being made by the Offeror.
This offer is being made under an exemption under the provisions of The
Securities Act of 1933-1934, as amended.

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