These Investigative Techniques have made millions

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Oprah, Nightline, Maria Shriver, 48 Hours, 20/20 and more have all 
interviewed this famous Private Investigator. Now, you too can make 
substantial income using Schweitzers highly sought- after SECRETS.

Thank you for your interest in our training Course! Judgment Acquisition 
& Recovery, Inc.  offers an extensive training course in "How to Collect 
Judicial Judgments".

If you are like many people, you are not even sure what a Judicial Judgment 
is and why processing Judicial Judgments can earn you very substantial 
When one person or business files suit against another person or business 
and wins, then winner than has a Judicial Judgment. You are happy you won 
but you will soon find out the shocking fact: "Its now up to you to Collect 
on the Judgment". The court will not even help you. In fact, employees of 
the court are forbidden by law from telling you how to collect your judgment. Basically, the winner has a piece of paper. You must trace the loser down, find their assets; their employment, bank accounts, real estate, stocks and bonds, etc.

Very few people know how to find these assets or what to do when they are 
found. The result is that millions of Judgments are just sitting in files 
and being forgotten.

A little over 5 1/2 years ago after more than a decade and a half of locating
people and their assets for some of the biggest companies in the world, 
Al Schweitzer discovered this powerful wealth building opportunity. 
Schweitzer quickly realized that the courts were overflowing with uncollected
judicial judgments. While it's never been a secret that the judgments were 
in the courts and it was never a secret that anyone could get the rights 
to collect these judgments, the SECRET was knowledge. The knowledge to 
locate the debtors (losers in the lawsuit) and their assets. This is the 
meat of this business opportunity. Judgment Acquisition & Recovery, Inc. 
training course is based on Al Schweitzers 20 years as one of the nations 
most successful private investigators and his knowledge of locating people 
and their assets.  Numerous companies have tried to duplicate this 
opportunity, but they can't duplicate Schweitzers years of experience and 
documented success.

"In more than 70% of the cases the winner of a Judgment never sees a dime."

Right now in the United States there is between 200 and 300 billion dollars 
of uncollected Judicial Judgment debt. For every Judgment that is paid, 5 
or more Judgments take its place.

By following the steps taught in our course and with reasonable effort you 
can become very successful in the business ofprocessing of Judicial 
Judgments. Schweitzer has trained people from all walks of life, attorneys, 
collection agencies, police officers, housewives, people with disabilities. 
There is no age, ethnic, education or geographic restrictions in this 

The income potential is substantial in this profession.Associates working 
full time making $96,000.00 to over $200,000.00 per year, Part time 
associates are earning between $24,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year. Most 
choose to work out of their homes, other build sizable organizations.

Today, people trained in Al Schweitzers techniques are processing over 
500 million dollars in Judicial Judgments. Opportunities exist to partner 
directly with Al Schweitzer (what other business allows you to work directly 
with the industry leader?)

The way we train you is non-confrontational You use your computer and 
telephone to do most of the processing. You never confront the debtor. 
The debtor doesn't know who you are. You are not a collection agency.

Quote's from several of our students:

Matt in Bakersfield, Ca. Writes, " on my very first judgment, working a 
total of 12 hours and spending approximately $300.00, I netted $17,500.00."

After only having this course for four months, Larry S. in area code 314 
stated to us- 1 am now making $2,000.00 per week and expect this to grow 
to twice this amount within the next year, I am having a ball. I have over 
$250,000 in judgments I am collecting on now."

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