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Karsten Hokamp khokamp at tcd.ie
Fri Feb 12 08:41:30 EST 1999

   PubCrawler - It goes to the library. You go to the pub.
            ( http://acer.gen.tcd.ie/pubcrawler )

                        THE PROBLEMS:

Frustrated by slow responses when searching for new literature in
Tired of repeating the same library lookups again and again?
Trying to find one new article amongst hundreds of hits in PubMed?

                        THE SOLUTION:

PubCrawler can help you keeping track of the latest developments in
scientific research in a comfortable and automated way.

PubCrawler is an HTTP-client written in Perl and is FREELY available
for Windows 95/98, UNIX and Macintosh.
The program was designed to communicate through the internet with
Entrez, a data retrieval system created by NCBI. Databases that can be
accessed with PubCrawler are PubMed and GenBank.

Advantages of PubCrawler over direct searches at NCBI using a browser:

a) Automation: Use a scheduler (like Cron) to run PubCrawler nightly.
b) Comfort: Carry out multiple queries as often as you like.
c) Clarity: Only look at the NEW articles that you haven't seen yet.

Visit PubCrawlers Home Page at


for more information and downloading.

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