Internet Marketing Starter Kit

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Internet Marketing Starter Kit=20
An On-line Marketing Course=20

Get your Business on the Internet NOW!!

Have you thought about starting your own Internet business? Do you like t=
idea of working when you want and =A0from the comfort of your own home? =A0=
of=A0driving to a job that offers no real hope of financial independence?=
time to stop making your boss rich and start reaping the incredible profi=
that are being made every day on the Internet.=20

There has never been a better time to start your own business. With the
Internet in it's infancy the future is very bright for on line marketing.
Getting a business on the web is easy, but you need the tools!  That's wh=
at I

The=A0Internet Marketing Starter Kit is an online=A0marketing course that=
everything you need to get started.  It is different from any other marke=
report you have seen.  I walk you through each step you need to take to c=
a successful on line business.  From making a web page, getting it hosted=
writing ad copy to advertising it and bringing in the dough.=20

This course is the result of over 25 years of sales and marketing for
experience. =A0The past 3 1/2 years I have been on the Internet looking a=
t ways
to make money. =A0I have used and a wide variety of marketing methods.  I=
n the
end it all came down to this.  You can have a terrific product but if no =
knows about it you will never get any customers.  That's what on-line
marketing is all about, getting exposure for a product and making it easy=
the customer to buy from=A0you,=A0a=A0=A0formula that is successful.=20

All successful Internet businesses have a few things in common... a) a we=
site b) a product =A0c) a way to sell the product and d) customers. =A0I =
show you
how each step of the way.=20

This year more people will be buying goods and services on line that ever
before!  You can have a website selling your products NOW! =A0In this rev=
step-by-step on-line marketing course...=20

=95You will learn how to get Internet Access for FREE.=20
=95You will learn how to create your own web site.=20
=95You will also learn where to get FREE software that makes it=A0easy to=
your own site within minutes without extensive on line experience or comp=
programming knowledge.=20
=95You will learn how and where to have your website hosted absolutely fr=
=95You will learn where to get bulk email software absolutely free and ho=
w to
use those programs to promote your business.=20
=95You will learn where and how to advertise your products on the Interne=
t for
FREE! =95You will learn how to create "killer" ad copy to turn the visito=
rs to
your page into paying customers.=20
=95You will learn how to get full versions of thousands of popular softwa=
titles so you can REALLY evaluate them before you buy.=20
=95You will learn how to accept credit cards on line for  your products w=
ith NO
for this course today and get on the fast track to profit on the Internet=

Here is what some graduates of the course have said.=20
I=A0ordered the Internet Marketing Starter Kit 2 weeks ago. =A0After I fi=
all the chapters and the web designing tutorial I published my website an=
promoted it using the methods in the course. =A0I was thrilled when order=
started coming in for our diet products business. The first day we advert=
it I got three orders, the second day I got four. =A0This is great! =A0Th=
anks for
all your help. =A0=20

Mike Boles, Ridgefield, Conn.=20

I=A0especially liked the fact that I=A0could accept credit cards at my=A0=
the=A0same day I=A0signed up for the service. =A0I=A0was turned down=A0by=
a=A0merchant account and did not want to commit to a=A0long term contract=
a=A0month that another=A0service wanted. I am also saving over $20 a mont=
h on
Internet=A0access=A0as I=A0now get it free. =A0I=A0was skeptical at first=
 but I=A0tried=A0it
and its everything you=A0claim. =A0The best $79 I=A0ever=A0spent!=20

Sharon Ilkes,=A0Hiawatha, Kansas
Don't pass up this opportunity to take advantage of this incredible offer.
When you order the Starter Kit you will receive the complete course in wr=
form and the course on a 3.5" diskette. You also get access to a password
protected web site where you can download the software you will need to
publish your web site and promote it.=20

=95Free Internet Access=20
=95Free Web Building Software=20
=95Free Web Hosting=20
=95Free Bulk Mail Software=20
=95Accept Credit Cards with..=20
  NO Monthly Fees!=20
  NO Credit=A0Check!=20
  NO Sign-Up Fees!=20
=95Learn to write "killer"=A0ad copy!=20
=95Advertise your web site for FREE!=20
=95Free Email=A0Lists=20
=95Step-by-Step Instructions=20
=95Guaranteed to get Results!=A0=20

Order NOW and receive this special BONUS FREE!!!=20

Order now and you will receive 250,000 fresh email addresses harvested fr=
om An
Online service within the last 30 days. =A0You will get a username and a
password to access the "E-List" from a secret web site with your Internet
Marketing Starter Kit. =A0That's not all! =A0I will personally provide 30=
 days of
marketing and technical support via email=A0(I usually charge $90 per hou=
r for
consulting services.) =A0=20

Hold on to your seat there's more! You also get more than 100 money makin=
business reports. These reports each tell you about a specific business t=
you can start.. You can even go into business selling these reports!=20

ACT NOW!!!=20

Product Name: Internet Marketing Starter Kit $39.95=20
You will receive your Starter Kit by US mail. =A0The Kit Includes...=20

=953.5" floppy disk containing the contents of the Marketing Course.=20
=95The complete course in written form.=20
=95Your Username and Password to access the on-line course.=20


Your satisfaction guaranteed! =A0If this information is not everything I =
said it is and more, I will provide a complete refund. =A0Guaranteed to g=
results! =A0I am so confident in the information I provide that if you ar=
e not
completely satisfied I will refund your money. =A0=20

You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!=20

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Internet Marketing Starter Kit Order Form - Code KC1
To order by mail send $39.95 plus $4.95 S&H total $44.90 check or money o=
payable to:=20

TC Schmidt, 4654 E. Ave S, Suite B-102, Palmdale, CA 93552=20




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