Bioinformatic User/Facility Survey

Simon M Lin lin00025 at mc.duke.edu
Wed Jan 27 14:40:46 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues:

As we are expanding and enhancing our GCG and other bioinformatic
computational services, we would like to share the experience with you for
hardware choice, software upgrade, and customer service.

This is an academic survey on bioinformatics, not for marketing purpose.
All your answers will be kept confidential. You will get a result summary
from this survey.

Please take a few minutes (estimated time: 2 min) to fill the following
survey.  and return this e-mail to:
    lin00025 at mc.duke.edu

Please feel free to forward this survey to appropriate persons in your
organization and/or other bioinformatic practitioners.

I would also like to keep personal contact with you and share the
experience of maintaining GCG and other services in academia. We are
currently evaluating SGI Origin 200 and GCG SeqWeb.

Best Regards,

      Simon Lin, M.D.
      Box 3958, Duke University Medical Center
      Durham, NC 27710
      Ph: (919) 681-9646
      FAX: (919) 681-8028
      lin00025 at mc.duke.edu

  for GCG users/ System administrators/ Bioinformatisists
                       (1/27/99 e-bio.net)

Please return this survey by e-mail lin00025 at mc.duke.edu
             OR by FAX 919-681-8028, Attn: Simon Lin

If there are some information you are not sure, feel free to skip it or put

Thank you for your time!

1. GCG version(s):

 [ ] SeqLab
 [ ] SeqWeb
 [ ] SeqStore

2. Other bioinformatic Packages/Tools:

[ ] Others (please specify):

3. Scientific Users in the shared bioinformatic facility:
  Number of total potential users:
  Average number of users simultaneously connected:
  Do you charge a user fee? If so, how much a year?

4. Hardware Performance:
 How long would you general wait for

5. Hardware for Bioinformatics:

* Platform:
  # of CPUs:
  Disk Space:
  Swap Space:
  Tape Backup:
  Your Reason to choose this configuration:

* How old is this computational facility? planning to upgrade?

6. End-User Education:
  UNIX course?
  GCG course?
  Help-desk for GCG?

7. employee support for GCG:
  # of UNIX administrators:
  # of Database administrators:
  # of Programmers:
  # of Bioinformatic Specialists:

8. What are the other software packages / Tools you provide?
     [ ] Omega
     [ ] VectorNTI
     [ ] MacVector
     [ ] Others (please specify):

     [ ] Modeling packages
     [ ] Data Mining (SGI MineSet etc)
     [ ] Others (please specify):

9. System Security/Hackers?
  # of hackers you found or suspect in the past one year:
  have you taken any actions to prevent hacking?

10. Bioinformatic Center/Computational Lab Setup
   # of high-end terminals / workstations (SGI O2):
   Brand of Color Printer:
   Choice of X-emulator on PCs:

11. Any other comments?

URL of your bioinformatic computing service:

All about You (Optional)

* Name:
* Tel:
* Email:
* Your role:


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