Data Manipulation

Sheldon mpilove at email.msn.com
Mon Jul 5 00:59:06 EST 1999

Do you or your company have massive amounts of text data that you need in a
specific format but in it's current state cannot be used? For example, do
you have hundreds of addresses you want to import into a database but in
it's current format is unrecognizable for import? And all you see is either
hour and hours of cut and paste, retyping or taking your expensive
off of something really important to write a script to parse it for you?

If you need to manipulate large quantities of data for any reason it is
possible that I can save you hours of work and hundreds of dollars. Send me
a sample of the data* and an example of the format you want it in and I will
give you a quote.

Sheldon Pilove

*All provided information is completely confidential and held in the utmost
of privacy.

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