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Wed Sep 1 12:47:45 EST 1999

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Due to a bill in the Senate   (see below)  the health supplement ReActive
is in jeapordy of becoming unavailable for sale on Sept 13th.  This may be
your last chance to purchase.  Please contact your Representatives and 
urge them to vote against this insane bill.  Please do not sit idly by while
yet another valuable medicine is taken from us in the name of "protecting" us!

ReActive is a very popular product that is a precursor to GHB and Human
Growth Hormone.  As such it has been shown to aid muscle building and
athletic performance, reduce anxiety stress and depression, have the 
anti-aging properties associated with Hgh, be a prosexual to both men and
women in moderate doses, and in higher doses promote deep restful sleep.

Our prices are as follows:  Bottle of ReActive - Contains over 40 servings
$85.00   Wholesale as low as $35 per bottle.  For 10 cases or more call
503-296-2242 for pricing.  Order online at www.thewebmastersclub.com/reactive

Please read our testimonials page at
www.thewebmastersclub.com/reactive/testimonials.htm to find out what
out what our customers have said about the effects of this product.

A few of many endorsements from our customers:

I am writing to you to say that I have used Reactive and I have enjoyed the
product immensely.  I have been using this products since last fall and I 
have truly gound that it works.  With it I have reduced my stress levels from
work, I have enjoyed better sleep with a feeling of recovery upon waking,
and my mood has improved when I use the product.

Also these products have helped my recovery from working out in the gym.
I will continue to use this product as long as it is made available.

James, I would love to give you a testimonial on reactive.  I have always
been a chronic insomniac, and I've tried every single type of sleeping aid.
Either it wouldn't work or it would leave me groggy and tired the next day,
and I would be knocked out for ten hours of unsatisfactory, dreamless 
sleep.  Then I would build a tolerance to it and it would cease to work.
Reactive worked instantly, and I would wake up well rested, alert, and evn
more energetic and positive than I've ever felt.  Much to my delight and
surprise, I also found that my memory improved, which really helped me at
school, and my sex drive, which had been dormant for a few months now
due to stress, just went through the roof.  My boyfriend finds it hard to 
keep up with me...pardon the pun.  The only thing is that I only sleep for 
a few hours, not the traditional 8, but I also found that with reactive, you
don't need as much sleep.
C. Purdue

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear sir, I want to tell you how pleased I am with your product "ReActive."
I am a parish pries with a large congregation which means I must work very
long hours.  I also used to suffer from sever leg cramps that would keep me
awake for hours.  Since I have begun using ReActive according to the 
label directions, I go to sleep quickly, sleep soundly without any leg cramps
and wake up earlier, feeling better than I have ever felt before.  In short, IT 
WORKS FOR ME!  It has improved my quality of life by a huge amount.
Thank you for marketing this product in such a convenient way.  Sincerely
yours, Fr. Brian

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..And I have spoken to Dr. Ward Dean and Steven Wm. Fowkes (suthors
of GHB The Natural Mood Enhancer) and they have said very positive
things about GHB precursors.  Dr. Ward Dean said that there have been
two year toxicology studies where animals were given massive doses of
gamma-butyrolactone and it normalized ekg's, shrunk tumors, and
suppressed ethanol intake.  He said to me "That's good stuff."  Steven
Fowkes has said however that for every one study of GBL there are
one hundred GHB studies and he is an expert in the field of organic 
chemistry so I believe he knows what he is talking about.  I have
several articles of the newsletter he publishes that explain the chemical
reactions that go on inside the body when one consumes GBL and other
precursors... anon from Florida

note :  GBL, also know as 2(3h) Furanone Di-hydro is the active ingredient
in ReActive

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Visit www.thewebmastersclub.com/reactive/bill.htm for information on the
bill that would outlaw GHB and ban the sale of Reactive (GBL)

To find out who your representative is, look here: http://www.senate.g

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