[ANNOUNCE] Conference: Datamining in Bioinformatics - towards in Silico Biology

Jean-Jack M. Riethoven pow at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Sep 2 09:11:54 EST 1999

10 to 12 November 1999
EBI - Wellcome Trust Genome Campus - Hinxton - Cambridge

During the last few years bioinformatics has been overwhelmed with
increasing floods of data, both in terms of volume and in terms of new
databases and new types of data. We are now entering the post-genomic age,
where, in addition to complete genome sequences, we are learning about gene
expression patterns and protein interactions on genomic scales.  This poses
new challenges. Old ways of dealing with data item by item are no longer
sustainable and it is necessary to create new opportunities for discovering
biological knowledge "in silico" by data mining.

Data mining is defined as "exploration and analysis by automatic and
semi-automatic means, of large quantities of data in order to discover
meaningful patterns and rules".  Our conference on 'Data mining for
Bioinformatics' will bring together researchers interested in both fields,
with the aim of generating new ideas and insights into how to tackle the
challenge of floods of data in molecular biology. We will cover data mining
applications in: molecular sequence and structure data, gene expression and
other high thru-put data, and in  existing knowledge buried in large
biological texts.

A list of speakers include:
o Rolf Apweiler (EMBL-EBI)
o Phil Bourne (UC San Diego Supercomputer Center)
o Inge Jonassen (University of Bergen)
o Heikki Mannila (Helsinki University, Microsoft)
o Christos Ouzounis (EMBL-EBI)
o Paul Spellman (Stanford University)
o Isidore Rigoutsos (IBM Research)
o Ron Taylor (National Cancer Institute, NIH)
o Martin Vingron (DKFZ, Germany)
o David Westhead (University of Leeds)

The conference will be held at Hinxton Hall Conference Centre on the
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, near Cambridge, UK, and will consist of
invited talks and poster sessions. The conference will commence late
afternoon on November 10 with a key-note address followed by a conference
dinner.  The conference will end at noon November 12.

The number of participants will be restricted to 200. The early registration
and abstract (1 page) submission deadline is September 19.  The early
registration fee, excluding the conference dinner, is GBP 100; late
registration has been set at GBP 175.
Registration and submission of abstracts can be done online.

Our website has the latest information on the conference; we cordially
invite you to visit it at http://industry.ebi.ac.uk/datamining99/

With kind regards,

Jean-Jack Riethoven on behalf of the organising committee
(datamining99 at ebi.ac.uk)

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