Brand new CD-ROM the size of a business card = Wealth Through The Internet!

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The 'E-Card': A CD-ROM the size and shape of a  business card.
 ----- See below to get your FREE copy today! ----- 


~~ because of the Internet, people are now making more money,
in a shorter period of time than at any other point in history?

~~ there are now over 150 million people online and that number
is growing exponentially each day?

~~ E-Commerce (also known as online purchasing) is the fastest 
growing part of our economy?

~~ over 36 million people will purchase something online in 1999

~~ by the year 2003, a projected 95% of all purchases will be
made through the Internet?

$ What if there was a quick and easy way for you to profit from
this tremendous growth?

$ What if you had something so new and amazing people will stop
to take a look at it EVERY TIME?

$ What if you had your own personal money-making machine
working for you on the Internet, day and night?

$ What if such an opportunity were low-cost, low-risk, and so
simple that anyone could do it?

$ What if all this and more were backed by a 15 yr. old publicly
traded company?

Find out why the richest home-based entrepreneurs are buzzing
about this incredible opportunity!

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