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The 1st and ONLY Free PCS Digital Cell Phone with 
NO Long Distance & No Roaming ANYTIME MIN. 
Now Available on the Net!! 
Credit, Bad credit, No problem. 
You will be notified if you need to make a deposit to activate service. 
   That's right, a FREE PCS Digital Cell Phone. 
   Unprecedented Nationwide, Limited Time Offer!!! 
Your Free Digital Phone includes the following: 
       * Choice of either Samsung mod # SCH-2000 or Qualcomm Thin Phone 
         [Any of these phones would cost you over $200.00 at any 
         retail Cellular store - we have no store overhead so you Save] 
       * All NEW phones. 
       * No Activation Fee. 
       * No Up-Front Cost, first bill within 30 days from date received 
              [ All you pay is sales tax on the phone.] 
       * FREE long distance and roaming. 
       * FREE Caller ID. 
       * FREE Call Waiting. 
       * FREE Voice mail. 
       * FREE paging.[get rid of your pager bill] 
       * FREE First Incoming Minute. 
       * FREE home charger. 
       * Lightweight  6 oz. 
       * Crystal Clear digital NATIONWIDE* PCS service [USA Only] 
            [Nations BEST Digital Carrier] 
       * Choice of Voice Activation  on Samsung model only. 
       * FREE Delivery  by UPS within 10-15 working days of approval. 
       * 30 return policy [restrictions may apply]. 
       * There is no better Deal on a cell phone on the planet! 
Hi Folks: 
Want or need  a free cell phone? 
Sure everyone does. 
Nice to have for emergencies. 
Easy to qualify just fill out the form below & fax it to us. 
[If you are not approved you will be notified as to your need for the deposit] 
TO ORDER and receive your FREE CELL PHONE just print this 
message and fill out the simple application form then fax to the number 
below. You should have your new cell phone within 10-15 business days 
of "approval."  [Not from the time you fax it.]  Sorry no email orders. 
Fax Order Center: (209) 396-8240
                                         ------- CUT HERE -------
PLEASE PRINT or TYPE  CLEARLY & FAX  O N L Y  this application page 
No blank fields. 
YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE:_________________________________ 
First:__________________ M.I. ____  Last:__________________________ 
City:_______________________________ST:________  Zip:_________ 
County:_______________________[NEEDED TO FIND YOUR COVERAGE AREA]
(*No coverage in MT, MS, NC, SC, AK) 
SS#________________________  Date Of Birth:______/_____/___________ 
DL#:__________________________  Exp. Date:_____/_____/_______ 
Home Ph#:(___)_______________[NO PAGER NUMBERS] 
Work Ph#:(____)_____________Ext#:______[NO PAGER NUMBERS] 
Best Time To Call:_________________________ Time Zone:_____________ 
YOUR Business or EMPLOYER Information: 
Check one: ____Self employed  ____Employee 
If Self employed your business license # ______________ or 
Sales Tax ID #_____________ 
COMPANY NAME:________________________________________________ 
City:_______________________________ST:________  Zip:_________ 
Phone #:______________________ 
Check phone model you want: 
___Samsung model # SCH-2000 ___ Qualcomm thin phone 
Calling Plans: Check the one you want.  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. 
_____$ 29.99/month for 120 ANYTIME MIN.[over plan per min charge $.35 cents]
_____$ 49.99/month for 400 ANYTIME MIN.[over plan per min charge $.30 cents] 
_____$ 69.99/month for 600 ANYTIME MIN.[over plan per min charge $.25 cents] 
_____$ 99.99/month for 1,000 ANYTIME MIN.[over plan per min charge $.25 cents] 
_____$ 149.99/month for 1,500 ANYTIME MIN.[over plan per min charge $.25 cents] 
Signature: (VS) __________________________________ Date:_____/_____/___________ 
NO UPFRONT MONEY - your first bill within 30 days from receipt of phone. 
[2 year Air Time contract]  VS
Authorization for credit check and contract approved by my signature. 
Check your application status by calling  (435) 508-1156 
Fax Order Center: (209) 396-8240
                                         ------- CUT HERE -------
If due to the response to this offer the fax lines are busy please try again. 
Vaughn Smith
Free Cell Phone Agent

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