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  Company :Environmental Products & Technologies
  Symbol: EPTC
  52 Week Low-High: $2.00 - $10.25
  Current Price $2.75
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 Wall Street Corner and Phoenix Group International recommend EPTC as
 stock to watch.

  Consumers, Federal and State Government and Local Pollution control
  Boards are making the clean up of wastes that pollute the water supply a major
  priority. There are over 30,000 farms that need to become compliant with
  Federal clean water laws over the next three year! s. Food wastes for
  restraints and food processors will n! o longer be accepted by landfills 
  in many states past December 31, 2000. The solution to these problems
  represents an major multi-billion dollar opportunity.

  EPTC was established to solve environmental problems regarding the safe
  conversion and removal of waste created by large livestock, poultry, and
  food producers and similar operations.

  Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EPTC) is a diversified
  agribusiness manufacturing company has developed and is selling a
  Closed-loop Waste Management Process for livestock operations and food 
  production that solves this waste problem. The system separates solid from
  liquid, processing the solids into an extent-pathogen-free, nutrient-rich
  soil amendment in less than three days -- in contrast to weeks or months for
  conventional systems.

  In early December 1999 EPTC announced a sale of Closed-loop Waste
  Management System for use in process! ing food waste from various supermarkets 
  and restaurants on the island of Oahu. The sale, valued in excess of $500,000
  provides for delivery and installation of a dual vessel Bioreactor system
  during the first quarter of 2000. The system is capable of processing
  approximately 25 tons of organic waste (including food, dairy, and green
  waste) per day. The purchaser anticip ates the purchase of up to 20
  additional systems after the initial systems are operating at full capacity.
  That could mean additional sales of $4 million to this one customer

  A recent strong buy recommendation given to EPTC by The Phoenix Group 
  International and Wall Street Corner is one that should not be ignored. At a 
  recent price of $2.50 per share down from over $10.00 in mid-1999, the stock ( based on 
  recent chart action) looks to be ready for a move to the upside. Based on information
  announced by the company and the recently updated research report, the stock 
  ( has potential for a move to new highs as the backlog of contracts
  for its waste manage system is anticipated to grow in the coming months.

  We believe that now is the time to take a close look at the
  shares of EPTC ( . Approximately 8.5 million 
  shares outstanding and a $20 million market capitalization. Based on EPTC's 
  statement that it could sell and install close to 50 units during in 2000 the company 
  is selling at about 1.2 times anticipated sales. The multi-billion market for the company's
  products could produce extremely rapid growth from a flood of customers in
  great need of a solution to keep their businesses operational come January

  The buy recommendation points out that EPTC's time has come. This does
  not refer solely to product design or the company's ability to deliver at least
  50 complete systems in the during 2000. It is expected that each of these
  systems will range for $250,000 t o $450,000 depending on the specific
  needs of the customer.

  The time has come refers to the attitude that consumers and even more
  importantly government at all levels has finally adopted.
  Laws and rules that have been on the books for years are finally receiving
  major attention and are starting to be enforced to the letter of the law.

  Government has also recognized that some of these laws are changes to
  prior rules and enforcement attitudes. To help encourage business and farms to
  invest in modern waste handling system they have provided financing
  programs to many regions in t! he form of very favorable long term, low
  cost loans, and! bond financing.

  Food wastes produced by food processors and restaurants in many cities
  and states such as California will soon no longer be accepted at land fills
  after December 31, 2000.

  This waste will require special handling and in many cases the EPTC Closed
  Loop Waste Management system may be the only alternative. The needs of
  the high density hog, dairy, and cattle raising industry have been highlighted
  by many problems this past year. The most important to regulators in the
  potential damage that these operation may cause to the water supply if the
  waste in not handled in a safe manner.

  This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the shares of Environmental
  Products and Technologies. The shares of this company should be
  considered high risk. This notice serves as a bulletin to advise our readers of a 
  possible opportunity in the environmental waste management business.

  We advise our readers to always research carefully and consult
  an investment professional before making investment decisions. For
  additional information investors should read the latest research report at

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