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Dear Colleague,

RE: Training Courses in *Web Publishing - Scientific Data and Services.*

May 19-20, 2011 in Fredericton, NB, Canada and August (TBD) 2011 in
Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The course provides theory and practical skills in the semantic technologies
that underpin the development of semantic web services.The training course
is divided into the following modules:

   - *Semantic Web*
   - *Knowledge Representation and Reasoning*
   - *Web Services*
   - *SADI Semantic Web Services*

The course provides an excellent learning opportunity and serves as a venue
for the exchange of ideas among a highly interdisciplinary group of
scientists. The intended audience for the course are:

   - Industry pioneers in workflow, grid and semantic technologies;
   - Web developers and researchers seeking to ensure the adoption of their
   technologies as part of a growing ecosystem of easily discoverable and
   accessible data and services;
   - Grid computing architects and developers interested in building
   globally interoperable systems;
   - Workflow system developers coordinating computational and data
   resources across the web using semantics;
   - Researchers involved in web-based bioinformatic knowledge discovery

Additional information, including registration details  are available at

We ask that you broadcast this information widely to your colleagues. Our
flyer can be found at http://sadiframework.org/training/WS1_flyer.pdf

Please do not hesitate to contact us at spaixao from unb.ca* * should you have
any question.

Silvane Paixao on behalf of the Organizing Committee
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