tetrqacylin and GFP in Pseudomonas sp. (fwd)

van Helden jvanheld at dbm.ulb.ac.be
Tue Aug 1 05:04:27 EST 1995

derrampa at uoguelph.ca (Deena Errampalli) wrote:
>Dear fluoronetters,
>In our lab, we have transformed Pseudomonas sp. with green fluorescent 
>protein (gfp) and the tetracyclin was the antibiotic marker. Southern 
>hybridizations indicated that  the transformants do contain gfp. When I 
>checked the transformants for the stability of the gfp insert, 
>I have noticed that the transformants fluoresced only on the medium with 
>tetracycline but not on the medium without tetracycline. I transferred 
>the non-fluorescing colonies from the medium without tetracyclin to fresh 
>medium with and without tetracyline. Again, I found that the colonies on 
>tetracyclin fluoresced while the clonies on the medium without 
>tetracyclin did not fluoresce.
>Here are my questions, 
>1. Did any one of you notice similar tetracyclin related problems?
>2. Does the tetracyclin itself cause the bacteria to fluoresce?

Could your GFP be inserted near a tetracyclin activated promoter ?


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