E-400 Algenic acid

Aleksandar Mitic amitic at chat.carleton.ca
Sat Dec 2 01:12:11 EST 1995

Two postings for a friend:

1)Please let me know if you have any information about E-400 Algenic Acid

2)Looking for a job (a toxicologist from Yugoslavia): 20 years of
experience/specialization in toxicology/ work on quality determination
(ingredients, feeds, water, soil, air), residua determination (pesticids,
metals, mycotoxins, antibiotics, hormons, vitamins and alkaloids) in
ingrediens, feeds, bichemical material.
   Working experience with:
    --HPLC-high pressure (performance) liquid chromatography
    --AAS-atomic apsorpcion/emission spectrophitometry
    --GLC-gas liquid Chromatography
    --GC-MS-gas chromatography with mass detector
    --TLC - Thin-Layer Chromatography
    --Flame photometry
    --Classical chemistry analysis

  Currentlu working as one of the Directors of the Veterinary Institute in
Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Fluent in English.
  If you are interested in a resume, please e-mail.
  Plaese do the same if you know of anyone who would be interested.
  Thank you.

Aleksandar Mitic
Carleton University

Email address: amitic at chat.carleton.ca

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