SYG motif in other proteins

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Thu Jun 1 10:09:09 EST 1995

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>	Helloooooooooo.
>	My question is simple, we came upon this protein in looking at other 
>stuff, and we had an idea can any body help me.
>	The chromphore is formed by the SYG at 64-66 (?).  How often does this 
>sequence occur in other proteins???  Is the presence of this sequence enough
>to generate the chromphore and if it isn't how much of the surrounding protein
>do you need.
>	I say all, Ponzy (my boss) says find out...
>	Any help is appreciated.
>	Teddy
I believe the evidence for GFP itself in E. coli is that almost all of 
the sequence is necessary for fluorescence.  Only a few amino acids can
be deleted from either end without losing activity.  Also Roger Tsien's 
group has shown an effect of a mutation 100 amino acids away from the 
active site.


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