Thu Nov 2 13:56:31 EST 1995


               March 15 - 17, 1996

               Conference Chairman:
        Steve A. Kay, University of Virginia

        *Abstract Deadline January 15, 1996*

You are cordially invited to attend a special meeting on Optical
Imaging of Gene Expression and Signaling in Living Cells to be 
held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from Friday evening, 
March 15, to after lunch on Sunday March 17, 1996. This short
conference will focus on live cell reporter gene technology
and ion detection using advanced microscopy techniques. The 
following speakers have accepted to attend:

Introduction: Bruce Stillman,  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Keynote Speaker: Roger Tsien, U.C. San Diego 
  "Imaging Proteins and Gene Expression in Living Cells:
             GFP, beta-Lactamase, and Beyond"

Session 1.  Advanced Imaging Technology and
            Reporter Measurement

Masafumi Oshiro, Hamamatsu Photonics USA
Digital Cameras in the Biological Sciences

Ted Salmon, Univ. North Carolina
High Resolution Digital Microscopy

Scott Fraser, Dept. Biology, Caltech
Confocal Microscopy in Living Cells

Keith Wood, Promega Corp.
Reporter Gene Expression and Measurement

Session 2. Luciferase Applications

Jeremy Tavare, University of Bristol, UK
MAP Kinase Signaling and Gene Transcription

Stephen Frawley, Med. Univ. South Carolina
Transcriptional Analysis in Single Mammalian Cells

Andrew MIllar, Univ. Warwick U.K.
Luciferase Imaging in Plants

Lionel Jaffe, Woods Hole, MA
Aequorin and Calcium Imaging

Session 3. Applications of Green Fluorescent
           Protein and its Derivatives

Tulle Hazelrigg, Columbia University
GFP Applications in Drosophila

Jim Haseloff, MRC, UK.
GFP and Modified Forms in Arabidopsis

Pamela Silver, Harvard Med School
GFP and Protein Targeting in Yeast

In addition to the platform presentations which will be
highlighted by considerable time set aside for open 
discussion, the conference will also feature a 
poster-cum-reception session, demonstrations of the
latest microscope imaging applications, and a 
traditional New York lobster banquet.
The registration fee includes all meals and accommodation.

The submission of abstracts for presentation during the
poster session is encouraged and a "best poster" award 
will be given to the poster that most effectively combines 
scientific excellence with clear presentation.
We are especially eager to have as many young people as 
possible attend. Please note that the deadline for 
submission of poster abstracts is January 15, 1996.

In advance, we thank the primary corporate sponsors,
Hamamatsu Photonics KK and Hamamatsu Corporation (USA),
for their participation in this meeting.

For further information please contact:

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory                   
Meetings & Courses Office                       
1 Bungtown Rd. PO Box 100                       
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724-2213               
phone: (516) 367-8346
fax:      (516) 367-8845
e-mail: meetings at cshl.org
World Wide Web site http://www.cshl.org/

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