Folding time?

Paul Kitts paulki at clontech.com
Wed Nov 8 19:32:41 EST 1995

shender at macc.wisc.edu (Sam Henderson) wrote:
> Does any one know how long it takes GFP to fold? Various people 
> have told me anything from 1-4 hrs. I'm using the mutated form
> of GFP found in Andrew Fires series of C. elegans vectors. It seems 
> that this would be a concern if I am looking at timing of expression.
> And does anyone have a reference on this. Thanks in advance.

Which GFP mutation is in Andrew Fire's vectors? The S65T 
chromophore mutation described by Heim et al (1995) in 
Nature 373:663-4, is reported to have a half-time for chromophore 
formation as approx. 30 mins (see fig 2b), compared to 2 h for wt.
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