GFP in Plasmodium

David Roos droos at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Nov 22 09:17:59 EST 1995

Paul Horrocks recently noted difficulties in functionally expressing GFP
in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.  We have had similar lack
of success with attempts at expression in the related protozoan parasite
Toxoplasma gondii.  It is my understanding that at least 6 other groups 
have also failed in to express GFP in Plasmodium or in Toxoplasma.

We have cultured parasites in a high oxygen environment, but to no avail. 
Lowering the culture temperature to 30 or 25 degrees also has no 
detectable effect.  I would not conclude from our limited experience that 
this project cannot succeed, but would be interested to hear of efforts 
by others.  In particular, we have never obtained antibody to determine 
if the GFP protein is even made.  It would also be interesting to try the 
'red-shift' mutation (and other mutants).

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