Claudia.Wittmann at unifr.ch Claudia.Wittmann at unifr.ch
Mon Nov 27 07:33:55 EST 1995

Dear GFP users,

I am not the first trying double GFP/DAPI "staining" of
C. elegans worms. I have heard that methanol/acetone
and formaldehyde fixation work. Unfortunately I haven't
been able to keep the GFP staining with the methanol/ace-
tone fixation of young larvae.

I would be grateful too to know if some of you have been
able to find photography conditions better than mine:
Fudji  PROVIA reversal films (400 to 1600 ASA), 3' of exposition!!

Thank you in advance for any advice,

email: claudia.wittmann at unifr.ch

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