GFP in Plasmodium/Toxoplasma

David Roos droos at sas.upenn.edu
Tue Nov 28 11:19:40 EST 1995

Unlike the Plasmodium codon bias (which is heavily skewed towards A/T
richness), Toxoplasma codon usage is quite 'normal'.  As an aside, it
appears that other proteins which do not correspond to the Plasmodium
codon usage (such as Toxoplasma proteins) are nevertheless expressed
(and functional) in Plasmodium. -- DSR

William J. Buikema wrote:
> I have heard from more than one source that expression of GFP in organisms
> with strict codon usage requires the reengineering of GFP to avoid rare
> codons.  Looking at Plasmodium falciparum's codon usage indicates that
> several codons are quite rare indeed (less than 10 per 35000).  I would
> take a look at Toxoplasma codon usage to see if the same problem exists.

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