RGFP and FACS in mammalian cells

Bruce Magun magunb at OHSU.EDU
Tue Nov 28 13:22:58 EST 1995

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Clontech showed a beautiful picture of FACS on cells transiently
tranfected with the new red shifted GFP clone. Does anyone have
'homegrown' results with flow cytometric analysis?

I am planning to use GFP as a reporter in a cAMP inducible promoter 
construct and assay by FACS. Doe anyone have experience with something 
remotely similar? Thanks.


Dr. David de Graaf
Department of Membrane Research and Biophysics
Weizmann Intitute of Science
Rehovot, 76100
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I am also planning on sorting cells on FACS following expression in mammalian
cells (Rat-1 cells).  In my case I will be using the GFP on a CMV promoter to
use as a marker for cells successfully co-transfected with dominant-negative
kinase constructs.  I plan to use the FACS-sorted cells for MAP kinase assays.
I, too, would be interested whether anyone has information regarding this
approach, especially the conditions under which expression of GFP would be
adequate for its use as a FACS-sorting marker.  Thanks,


Dr. Bruce Magun
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland, OR 97201
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