I don't think GFP is toxic

Masaru Okabe okabe at biken.osaka-u.ac.jp
Wed Nov 29 20:09:09 EST 1995

As far as we experienced GFP was not toxic to mouse (Develop. Growth
Differ. 37, 455-459 (1995), FEBS letters 375 125-128 (1995).
In our TG mice, characteristic green fluorescence of GFP was visible to the
naked eye under the hand-held long-wave UV lamp in the muscle and pacreas. 
GFP was expressed in various organs in weaker level.  However, we see no
abnormality in these transgenic mouse lines.

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At  4:07 PM 11/29/95 +0000, Michael Brandeis wrote:
Brandeis>I had similar problems which could hint that GFP is toxic to cells. I
Brandeis>prepared several fusion proteins driven by an CMV promoter and
Brandeis>them in NIH 3t3 cells. As long as the expression was transient I
got brigh
Brandeis>green cells. When cotransfecting with a neo resistance construct
many cells
Brandeis>were again bright green. Selection with G-418 yielded many
colonies none ofthem green. 

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