Imagene green and red

Yasuo Niwa niwa at FNS1.U-SHIZUOKA-KEN.AC.JP
Mon Oct 23 19:52:41 EST 1995

At  6:46 PM 95.10.23 +0000, McCormick's Lab. wrote:
>Does anyone have experience using the molecular probes Imagene green
>and/or Imagene red for plant tissue (not cell culture)? We are interested
>in information concerning the overlap of the fluorescence with endogenous
>molecules like chlorophyl and on the permeability of these GUS substrates
>into tissue. 

I used Imagene green to detect GUS in Arabidopsis leaves two years ago.
I sprayed Imagene green to intact Arabidopsis plants.
I couldn't see any defference between GUS+ transgenic and GUS- WT.
The background of Imagene green was extremely high.
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