Red Mutants of GFP Exist?

C. S. Prakash Prakash at ACD.TUSK.EDU
Mon Apr 1 13:18:31 EST 1996

I thank Dr. Tsien for his response to my article on GFP.  I do 
recognize his arguement and acknowledge that throught out the 
Bio/Technology paper, authors refer only to the 'red-shifted' 
mutants.  However, the article I wrote on GFP for the News Report 
that I reproduced in this newsgroup was really intended for  a very 
broad audience.  Considering that most people who read this may not 
be molecular biologists, I deliberately chose to avoid arcane 
scientific details of the emission spectra and thus used a little 
bit of journalistic freedom. For most lay people people, if they see 
a red colored bacterial cell, it is still red color.   I am sure if 
I were to write a review aimed at molecular biologists, I would use 
a more precise terminology.  As scientists, we must recognize the 
importance of precise language, but for journalists the goal is to 
make sure the readers understand what they are reading.

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