Optimize protein HPLC by monitoring conductivity and pH

Martin Sanders service at lazarlab.com
Wed Dec 4 13:29:23 EST 1996

You can improve the separation of proteins and other biopolymers in HPLC 
systems for ion exchange, hydroxylapatite, and hydrophobic interaction by 
monitoring the conductivity of the eluent stream using an inexpensive 
flow through conductivity monitor.  Proteins normally elute at the same 
conductivity for each run and monitoring conductivity of each run can 
therefore  provide evidence that chromatographic conditions have been 
reproduced while giving an accurate picture of the salt gradient for each 
run.  Can also be used to monitor HPLC column regeneration and monitor 
desalting of proteins by gel filtration. Monitoring of eluent pH is also 
discussed. For further details contact Lazar Research Labs. Inc. by 
emailing service at lazarlab.com or faxing 1-213-931-1434 or viewing the 
Lazar web site at http://www.lazarlab.com

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