'Mike' Michael J. Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Dec 4 11:53:04 EST 1996

	I have noticed autofluorescence in live or fixed HT1080 fibroblast
cells that I use.  This fluorescence can be distinguished from that of GFP
because it is still visible with the rhodamine cube.  It must have a
broader spectrum of emmission than GFP.  It's still a pain, but at least
you can differentiate GFP from bkg fluorescence.

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On 3 Dec 1996, jay brewster wrote:

> Newsnet users;
> I have a reporter mouse line expressing EGFP to characterize a promoter.  I am getting 
> good signal in subsets of cells in several tissues.  I am using a HiQ FITC cube and am 
> getting quite a bit of autofluorescence in some tissue.  What is the best way to deal 
> with this? (another filter?, an addition step to eliminate the autofluorescent?).  
> Also what is the best way to fix and mount tissue for GFP, I seem to be getting 
> photobleaching in Fluorosave.  Thanks!   jay at po.mri.montana.edu

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