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Tue Dec 10 15:42:07 EST 1996

Hello all,
	 This seems like one easy way to spread the spirit of the 
season.  Wishing you all a Happy December. -Kalpana

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>From Wellesley's Public Bulletin:

The Houghton-Mifflin publishing Co. is giving books to children's
hospitals; how many books they give depends on how many emails
they receive from people around the world.  For every 25 emails they 
receive, they give one book--it seems like a great way to help a good cause.
All you have to do is email share at hmco.com. Hope you can spare the 
seconds...and let your friends know. So far they only have 3, 400 
messages...last year they reached 23,000.

Again, the address is
share at hmco.com (Share The Spirit Campaign)

Info is also available at:

Happy holidays!

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