Linus Pauling's sickle cell electrophoresis expt.

BruceRat brucerat at aol.com
Wed Jan 3 23:39:28 EST 1996

Are you familiar with Linus Pauling's experiment demonstrating that the
hemoglobin produced by heterozygotes for sickle cell anemia actually
in two forms?  He used gel electrophoresis, and demonstrated two peaks for
heterozygotes vs one peak for homozygous recessives and another, single,
for homozygous dominants.  
       I am trying to do this experiment with my high school AP Biology
students; especially since a teacher in our department is a carrier!  I've
idea of the protocol, and have spent an 8-hour day proving that there are
MANY ways to get absotutely no results.  I'd appreciate guidance.
Bruce Ratcliffe
Edison-Computech High School
Fresno, Ca
(BruceRat at AOL.COM)

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