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Check out this reference:

FEBS Lett 369: 267-271  (1995) [95377416]
Visualization of protein transport along the secretory pathway using green
fluorescent protein.

C. Kaether & H. H. Gerdes (Institute for Neurobiology, University of 
Heidelberg, Germany)

We have expressed green fluorescent protein (GFP) from A. victoria in the
secretory pathway of HeLa cells by fusing it to the C-terminus of a secretory
protein, chromogranin B. Under normal culture conditions at 37 degrees C
maturation of GFP to the fluorescent form was not detectable. However,
fluorescent GFP was observed when biosynthetic protein transport was arrested
at the intermediate compartment or the trans-Golgi network by temperature
blocks (15 degrees C and 20 degrees C, respectively). Reversal of the
temperature blocks allowed the visualization of secretion of fluorescent GFP
and offers the possibility to analyse transport in the secretory pathway in
living cells.

On 8 Jan 1996 D.E.A.FLORACK at cpro.dlo.nl wrote:

> X-Personal_name: Dion Florack
> From: d.e.a.florack at cpro.dlo.nl
> Subject: secretion of GFP
> Has anybody tried to secrete GFP through the endoplasmic
> reticulum-Golgi-etcetera route?
> I am especially interested in secretion of GFP by plant cells
> and therefore would like to have any article describing
> such studies (or secretion of GFP by whatever organism).
> Special questions: is the addition of a signal peptide at the
> N-terminus enough to get GFP secreted and/or is secreted
> GFP still biologically active (so measurable)?
> Many thanks and looking forward to replies,
> Dion Florack, department of molecular biology, CPRO-DLO,
> Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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