No GFP fluorescence with TU#58, TU#60 and TU#65

Joe Chou jchou at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 10 21:29:18 EST 1996

delabess <delabess at lovelace.fr> writes:

>I work with GFP cDNA from one year and I have any fluorescence detected 
>when the construct with these threee cDNA (TU#58, TU#60 and TU#65) are 
>electroporated in human hematopoietic cell lines. The problems of 
>circularization of the chromophore or the non consensus ATG sequences 
>have been suggested.
>Somebody have some experienced with these constructs?


I have used some of the other TU GFP vectors. My guess is that you
are not seeing GFP expression for the simple reason that there is
no promoter, eukaryotic or prokaryotic.

I would suggest cutting out the GFP cDNA and cloning it into a
mammalian expression vector.

(Pardon me if I misunderstood the question.)

- Joe Chou
  jchou at socrates.ucsf.edu

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