energy source for GFP

Stuart Kuhstoss sk at lilly.com
Wed Jan 10 12:21:02 EST 1996

In Article <4cscnt$tme at pulp.ucs.ualberta.ca>, wklimke at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
(William Klimke) wrote:
>Does GFP require an extraneous energy source to function, and if so, can this 
>energy source (I'm assuming that it's ATP) be supplied for example in the 
>media, or does it need to be supplied by the cell.  I'm considering doing a 
>fusion to an outer membrane protein, so it would not have a readily available 
>source of energy.

GFP is fluorescent.  In A. victoria, aequorin supplies the energy.  In
heterologous systems, the energy comes from the light you use to illuminate
your cells.
Stu Kuhstoss

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