No GFP fluorescence with TU#58, TU#60 and TU#65

Paul Kitts paulki at clontech.com
Wed Jan 10 12:08:34 EST 1996

delabess <delabess at lovelace.fr> wrote:
> I work with GFP cDNA from one year and I have any fluorescence detected 
> when the construct with these threee cDNA (TU#58, TU#60 and TU#65) are 
> electroporated in human hematopoietic cell lines.

It is not clear whether or not you moved the cDNA from TU#58, TU60 & 
TU#65 (which are all bacterial expression vectors) into a mammalian 
expression vector. Assuming you did, do you have a strong promoter 
such as CMV driving expression of GFP?

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