No GFP fluorescence with TU#58, TU#60 and TU#65

Paul Kitts paulki at clontech.com
Thu Jan 11 23:28:47 EST 1996

delabess <delabess at lovelace.fr> wrote:
>  After one year, we catch a new GFP vector fron another group 
> in Paris which exhibit fluorescence. 

How does the construct that gave fluorescence differ from those that
did not? Did the one that worked have the wt chromophore? and the wt
codon usage? what was different about the vector backbone?
The brighter red-shifted chromophore GFP variants, or higher 
expression from the codon optimimized version, would give a stronger 
signal that may make the difference in your ability to detect it.

You are using retrovirus vectors. Are you trying to detect a signal 
from a single integrated copy of the GFP gene?

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