No GFP fluorescence?

Yiing Lin ylin at acpub.duke.edu
Thu Jan 18 01:14:01 EST 1996


I'm sorry, but I missed the original thread.  Did someone suggest or find 
that GFP synthesized at < 37C doesn't flouresce?

I've been working with GFP and zebrafish, which must be raised around 
28C, so I'm wondering whether this may be a source of my problems.

If GFP must be synthesized @ 37C, how does the jelly-fish from which the 
protein was originally from, produce it in the sea if it's ectothermic?

						-Yiing Lin
						 ylin at acpub.duke.edu

On 15 Jan 1996, Masaru Okabe wrote:
> At  4:02 PM 1/15/96 +0000, David de Graaf wrote:
> de Graaf> but GFP
> de Graaf>does not fluoresce when it is synthesized at 37.  
> In transgenic mice, GFP (and RS-GFP) is produce in the environment of 37 C
> or higher and fluorecent.
> Masaru Okabe

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