long lasting probe for cell migration tracking?

Brian Scott brians at interlog.com
Tue Jan 23 17:52:27 EST 1996

Newsgroups: bionet.neuroscience
Subject: long lasting label for tracking cell migration?
Organization: Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto


I'd like to know if anyone could recommend a long lasting label which would
allow us to track the migration of newborn cells within the rat CNS and
allow us to visualize the cells for in vitro recording at their final
locations.  The ideal situation would be to microinject the label into the
area of interest and wait for three to four weeks.  Then visualize the cells
in vitro with fluorescence and then do patch clamping when the cells are at
their final locations.  Has this been done before?  Can a fluorescent probe
last for this length of time in vivo?



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