transfection technique to brain slices?

Masayoshi Okada masayoshi.okada at shionogi.co.jp
Fri Jan 26 02:43:22 EST 1996


I now try to express GFP in organ cultures of rat brain slices.
We cannot use viral vectors, because of strict regulation in
 our laboratory . Therefore, I transfected the plasmid DNA
 by lipofection in combination with focal extracellular 
injections or intracellular microinjections.  However, no 
successful expression of GFP has been obtained.  Since 
we could express GFP in dissociated cells, the problem 
seems to be the transfection technique itself. I would greatly 
appreciate it, if anyone  would give suggestions or information 
about transfection techniques to slice cultures.
 Thanking you for your help in advance. 
Masayoshi Okada, Ph. D.
E-mail masayoshi.okada at shionogi.co.jp
(+81) 6-331-8081
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