Press Release: A new Gel Imaging software package

Blaine Leckett comcul at montreal.com
Mon Jan 29 16:15:02 EST 1996

Press Release: A new Gel Imaging software package

Release: 1-MARCH-1996



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QuantaVision soon to release MATRIX: a new Gel Imaging software
package for Microsoft Windows (3.1x and Win95).

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - QUANTAVISION has announced the final release of
MATRIX: a new Gel Imaging software package designed to locate and
quantitate DNA/protein bands from gel images. Over a year in
development, the program was designed to provide research scientists
with a new Windows-based tool that exceeds the features of present-day
DOS-based programs.
MATRIX contains tools for image enhancement, molecular weight
determination, and  quantitation. For image enhancement, MATRIX
provides basic tools to crop, rotate (as little as 1° increments),
invert, magnify, sharpen and soften an image. Images can also be
adjusted using brightness/contrast controls or by a histogram for
optimal conditions.

MATRIX automatically detects bands for lane analysis and contains an
internal listing of popular DNA/protein markers for molecular weight
calibration and determination. Additional markers can be added and
existing ones can be modified.

MATRIX provides two methods of DNA/protein band determination. (1) A
qualitative approach for quickly assessing relative intensities
between bands on the gel image and (2) a quantitative approach
involving lane analysis. MATRIX contains a chart mode to plot image
data and analysis peaks from lane analysis.  

MATRIX can change peak sensitivity, add/remove peaks, adjust peak
limits, and provide different methods of background subtraction.
Multiple lanes can be plotted for comparison, printed, and exported to
other applications. MATRIX provides a special spreadsheet for
quantitative band analysis. The spreadsheet automatically calculates
the quantity contained in each band and loaded for each sample.

Although pricing for MATRIX has not yet been determined, the package
is expected to be around $1,500 (USD). It is the first Windows-based
package to offer a wide range a features at this price. MATRIX will be
distributed through BioCan Scientific (biocan at vir.com)


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