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On 1 Jul 1996 09:31:28 -0700, PAULKI at CLONTECH.COM wrote:

>Beverly Barton wrote:
>> I have transfected E. coli with pEGFP-C1.  I left a plate at 
>> RT for a  few days, then tried to see fluorescence with a  
>> hand-held UV light  source (340 nm), but saw no 
>> fluorescence.  
>I would not expect you to see fluorescence for 2 reasons:
>1) pEGFP-C1 does not have a bacterial promoter. (It is designed for expression in mammalian cells).
>2) The excitation maximum for EGFP is 488 nm. It is not efficiently excited by UV light.

Thats not really exact.
the  excitation maximum for EGFP is 488 nm but if you made cell
lysates from GFP expressing bacteria and run them on an sds gel you
can observe fluorescence under uv light with 340nm
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