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Thu Jul 4 22:24:47 EST 1996

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I was wondering if anyone has developed a quantitative assay for GFP using
a fluorimeter? We are bombarding plant tissues and electroporating
protoplasts and would like to quantitate the level of GFP expression. We
thought that some form of cell lysis and fluorimitry might be a way to
quantitate the amount of GFP. Any ideas or other help with this would be

Brandt G. Cassidy
Assistant Staff Scientist
Plant Biology
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
e-mail  BGCASSIDY at noble.org

You may try purifying GFP and reading known quantities to establish your
standards for the fluorimeter.  Depending on the GFP you are using, the
fluorimeter may not be sensitive enough to give an accurate estimation of
GFP expression in the cells.   

Krista Evans
Life Technologies, Inc.
kle1058 at aol.com  

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