hsp70 promoter and GFP expression

Tue Jul 16 12:46:15 EST 1996

I am directing this to any Drosophila people out there or others who have
had success at expressing GFP chimeric proteins under the control of the
hsp70 promoter.
I have successfully made a GFP construct with my protein and now I am
trying to analyze the expression in embryos and larva. Can anyone tell me
the details of how to examine the expression in early embryos, i.e. how
long should I heat shock, how long should I wait to look for expression and
fluorescence after heat shock, will the heat shock interfere with folding
of the protein, etc..
These are just a few of my questions so I am hoping that someone with
success will answer and enlighten me.
Thanks in advance!

Jennifer L. Hicks
Washington University
Department of Biology, Box 1229
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130
314-935-5125 (fax)

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