Photoprotein obelin as a marker for cell-free proteinbosynthese

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Cell-free protein biosynthesis - direct ultrahigh sensitive
non-radioactive control.

The new Lumi-Pro kit from the MolTech GmbH, Berlin, Germany, is designed
allow continuous control of activity of cell-free lysates during the 
translation of m-RNA and control of protein biosynthesis.

The common methods of control, such as radioactive labelling of the
protein chain, measurernent of an enzymatic activity of synthesised
or bioluminescence of luciferase/luciferin, provide only information about

integral quantity of synthesised protein. Therefore is it difficult to
the changes of translation activity of the ribosomal system depending on
time or on the addition of some components, like energy sources,
ions, etc. In the case of radioactive labelling, the shorter, as a full 
protein, sequences will also be registered.

We have developed the kit and protocols for continuous registration of the

translational efficiency of different cell-free lysates on the basis of
triggered bioluminescent photoprotein obelin (aequorin-typ) from Obelia
longissima. This 
method is also useful in controlling the synthesis of a chimeric
constructions with obelin insertion on ribosorne. Potential applications
this method include the screening of drugs, chemicals.antibiotics. The
is based on the  rapid binding, in the presence of oxygen, of 1 molecule 
coelenterazine and 3 Ca++ ions with every obelin-molecule after its
and emission of a single photon per each completely synthesised obelin
Registration of the obelin bioluminescence in the protein biosynthesis
is possible by using standard scintillation counter in the single photon 
counting modus. The output the "single photon-CPM" is proportional to the 
quantity of obelin-molecules synthesised per minute. The integrated value
the SP-CPM within 6 hours is approx. 10,000 times higher than the value of
radioactivity-CPM in the same protein biosynthesis system.

The kit includes obelin - m-RNA, obelin-cofactor coelenterazine, obelin as

positive control, and the necessary protocols. Those quantities of
are sufficient for 100 experiments with 25 mcl of cell-free lysate.

The optimised wheat germ lysate, obelin, apo-obelin and coelenterazine are

also available.

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