Brighter GFP

Thu Jul 18 12:24:53 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Christa Baumstark-Khan,
Actually, we have worked with the "Affymax cycle 3 mutant."  It does
have somewhat stronger fluorescence than the wild-type GFP when
excited in the UV (i.e., at 395nm).  However, it is less intense than the
red-shifted GFP variants (e.g., S65T, EGFP) when excited at 488nm.  It's
utility depends on your application.  For example, if you wanted to excite
with a hand-held uv light, the Affymax cycle 3 mutant would be useful. 
However, if you planned on doing fluorescence microscopy with FITC
filters or FACS, one of the red-shifted GFP mutants would be a better
choice.  We have just introduced the Affymax GFP variant, as a product
called GFPuv, for researchers who want to use a UV excitation for
detection in their experiments. 

Paul D.
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