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Robert Johnson, D.Sc. bjomejag at sover.net
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Chris Lau wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestion for viewing and recording the humanized
> and red-shifted GFP fluorescence in whole organ or animal.  Organs from
> EGFP transgenic mice unsuitable to be examined by fluorescence microscopy
> will need to be analyzed with 35 mm or other camera set up.  Does anyone
> know where to get (please suggest vendors) a light source for excitation
> at 479 or 489 nm and camera filters for detection of 507 or 511 nm EGFP
> emission?  What film(s) is the best for such photographic recording?
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A good light source for exciting GFP is a tungsten halogen lamp used 
for fiber optic illuminators or even slide projectors. These lamps are 
available in power up to several hundred watts. A xenon arc lamp  
would be another possibility if higher luminous flux is needed. The Hg 
arc has no lines in this wavelength range.

Omega Optical, Inc.  http://www.sover.net/~omega/index.html can 
provide the necessary filter to mount at the illuminator and also at 
the camera. The detection filter can be supplied in a standard camera 
ring for easy attachment to your camera. 

Any of the color slide or color print films will have a very high 
green efficiency that coincides with the GFP emission maximum. The 
film peak sensitivity occurs at about 530nm for the green dye. The 
Omega page identifies our suggestions for GFP excitation and emission 

I hope this helps,
Robert Johnson, D.Sc.
President/Technical Dir.
Omega Optical, Inc.

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